Member Forms
Become a Member Application form
Use this online application form to become a new employer-supported member or personal member of MTAA Super. Alternatively, download this Member application to complete and submit your application offline (please note this application form is only available together with the PDS).
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Rollover form
Use this form to rollover the whole balance of superannuation benefits into MTAA Super
Proof of ID
This describes the identification and change of name requirements to allow withdrawals from your Super Fund
Notification to employer: Choice of fund
Provide this form, completed and signed to your employer if you would like your superannuation paid into MTAA Super, a leading Industry Super Fund. You may use this instead of the ‘Standard Choice’ form given to you by your employer
Member investment choice form
Use this form to choose how your superannuation is invested
Binding death benefit nomination
Use this form to make, change or cancel a binding death benefit nomination
MTAA Super Withdrawal
To make a partial or full withdrawal from your MTAA Super account please contact MTAA Super on 1300 362 415
Matching Insurance Cover
New members may use this form to apply to replace their current insurance with MTAA Super insurance
Application for additional insurance
Use this form to apply for additional death, TPD and/or income protection insurance cover
Application to change your workscale
Use this form if you wish to transfer your existing MTAA Super insurance cover from the general scale to the non-manual or professional scale
Application to increase insurance cover on joining
Use this form if you wish to apply for an increased amount of insurance cover (employer supported members only)
Application for Life Event cover
Use this form to apply for additional cover within 60 days of a life event occuring
Voluntary contribution form
Use this form to make a voluntary super contribution to your MTAA Super account. You may also use this form to vary your current Voluntary Personal Contributions or to authorise a Direct Debit.
Change of details
Use this form to make a change to your personal or bank details
Third Party Authorisation
Use this form to authorise MTAA Super to provide information about your MTAA Super account to the person you nominate
Deduction for personal super contributions
Use this form if you wish to claim a tax deduction for your personal contribution
Please note: You must send us this form before you submit your tax return